VectorGlobal IAG  provides individualized financial advisory services to families, investment companies trusts and non-profit organizations.

VectorGlobal IAG’s mission is to integrate its clients’ investment plans with their life financial goals, while at the same time maximize the return on their investments within a prudent strategy of risk control, preservation of capital and growth over a pre-determined time horizon.

VectorGlobal IAG’s wealth management process begins with an evaluation of the clients’ risk profiles, needs and objectives, in order to determine the appropriate allocation of investment strategies.

VectorGlobal IAG’s analysts and advisers constantly monitor their investment strategies based on the world’s economic situation and global financial markets, thus constantly adapting to updated perspectives.

Additionally, VectorGlobal IAG offers advisory and account consolidation services to clients who hold their investments with other custodians or brokerage firms.

Through the process of designing investment strategies, VectorGlobal IAG emphasizes a broad diversification of risks, as well as a constant search for opportunities. The objective of its investment models is to maximize profitability within an acceptable risk framework, in order to provide attractive and consistent results over time.

VectorGlobal IAG analyzes financial markets and investment instruments through its Investment and Credit Committees, made up of its CEO and the most experienced members of the different areas of the company: Product and Analysis, Asset Management, Mutual Funds and the Trading Desk.

These committees continuously monitor the daily economic and geopolitical information and financial market flows, as well as the financial solvency and credit standings of the companies in which it is invested.

VectorGlobal IAG emphasizes the study of global trends to determine the best industries and investment vehicles.

VectorGlobal IAG offers its clients the opportunity to participate in the markets in an active way, through different vehicles and forms of investment, which they can combine for greater diversification.

Investment Portfolio Management

  • Discretionary Managed Accounts (called SMAs – Separately Managed Accounts). Individual investment portfolios designed for each client. This format allows a greater customization of each client’s investment portfolios, with access to all strategies and the possibility of diversifying asset classes and investment vehicles.
  • These strategies include diversified portfolios of bonds in developed and emerging markets, whose issuers are thoroughly analyzed; and stocks of companies that are leaders in their industries, selected by a proprietary model that identifies characteristics of profitability, stability and growth in the largest companies that make up the S&P500 index.
  • Mutual Funds Model Portfolios. Designed by the Investment Committee, these portfolios are made up of the most prestigious mutual fund managers in the world. These mutual funds have the best risk/return characteristics within their industry, selected quantitatively by a proprietary mathematical model, and qualitatively by VectorGlobal IAG’s Investment Committee.
  • ETF Model Portfolios. Designed by the Asset Management team, these portfolios seek investment opportunities in sectors and themes identified with highly positive trends, such as innovation and alternative energy areas, technologies applied to different industries, and companies with a high commitment to the environment.

Non-Discretionary Managed Accounts

  • Under this management format, clients decide on each transaction in their investment portfolios. They have access to VectorGlobal IAG’s different strategies, as well as the option to select their own investments. They must approve all transactions before they can be executed. Clients are advised by VectorGlobal IAG’s team and are subject to an annual advisory fee.

Investment Portfolio Consolidation

  • VectorGlobal IAG offers investment advisory and consolidation services to clients who hold investment accounts with other custodians or broker dealers, and objectively provides its opinion about their portfolios, the distribution of their assets, the implicit risks and the quality of the bond or equity issuers they hold.
  • Clients receive a consolidated monthly report where they can view the performance of their portfolios, the distribution of their investments, and execution and administration costs. In this way VectorGlobal IAG makes it easier for clients to evaluate their global investment portfolios in terms of asset allocation, risk, concentrations and returns.
  • This service provides clients the convenience of consolidating financial and wealth advisory services with an independent entity that possesses the resources, intellectual capacity and ethics to provide its clients with prudent and objective advice.